Iraq In Fragments illuminates post-war Iraq in three acts, building a vivid picture of a country pulled in different directions by religion and ethnicity. Filmed in cinema verité style, the film powerfully explores the lives of ordinary Iraqis: people whose thoughts, beliefs, aspirations, and concerns are at once personal and illustrative of larger issues in Iraq today.

IRAQ IN FRAGMENTS was shot with Panasonic DVX-100 and DVX-100A cameras, using 24p Advanced Pulldown mode, letter-boxed. All sound was recorded on the camera. 300 hours of material were recorded in Iraq between February 2003 and April 2005 for the production. 1600 pages of typed, time-coded, translated transcripts were used in editing. The film was edited by Billy Tantoso, Amat Syahfuddin and Dessi Winata using Final Cut Pro software running on Apple Macintosh computers. The film was blown up to High Definition size and color corrected at Modern Digital in Seattle. Dolby Digital sound mixing took place at Bad Animals studios in Seattle. File-to-Film recording was done at Alpha Cine Labs in Seattle.